Anybody used GitHub Discussions much?

Notice that GotHub added a forum-sequel “Discussions” feature a while back. Anyone have much experience with it? Yay? Nay? Pointless?

It seems a good idea, but they always seem so dead in practice. Seems more like a tool for devs to sort things between issue and discussion, rather than something that services a community.

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I’ve been trying it. It’s unclear that it gets you anything, since it’s the same audience of “people with GitHub accounts”, who mostly understand how issues work.

Gitlab has a very interesting “submit issue by email”. I think it GitHub discussions did a “add comment without having to sign up to GitHub” that could be a very interesting feature.

But, since Discourse forums can do the same thing already … I’m more likely to use that if my project is of size to warrant a forum.


Discourse is pretty amazing, and it seems it will take a long time for anything else to catch up to its polish/features. It is convenient that GitHub discussions are tied in with the issues, and the rest of github. But that is also its weakness in that it is harder to optimize the forum experience to the extent Discourse has. It is hard to do everything and be the best at everything.

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