Blog Post: Open Source is Discrimination

Some folks are calling this a “rant”. And I suppose that’s exactly what it is. Also related to the AWS-Elastic tiff, but trying to step back from that specific dust-up to see a broader pattern.


yeah, the point that “open source sold free software out” is oversimplifying is an important one. the distance between “free software” and “open source always, as a matter of principle” is way less than the distance between “free software” and “open source sometimes, as a matter of convenience”, and that’s a nuance i hadn’t previously picked up on.

I suspect a sponsor list for the Linux Foundation, if I could find one, would skew even more heavily toward big public proprietary software companies


OP link is giving 404 Not Found

Dunno what happened there. New link: Open Source is Discrimination — /dev/lawyer

Fixed. Looks like the date was one off somehow. Spooky.