Blog: You Can Still Use the Software

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Reading this as a call to arms. Microsoft / GitHub picked sides, and as history has shown, I’m against them again.

What does it take to get Prosperity added as a drop down license choice in GitHub? That would be interesting.

More to say. Some great quotable quotes.

I kind of doubt GitHub or Justin see this as a big dramatic debut on one side or the issue. It’s probably closer to obvious fault bubbling up to the level of a transient annoyance in their eyes. As it would have been in mine enough years back. I suppose it also reflects who they hear from and care about.

I’ve only met and talked to Justin once, though we had a great conversation. Probably closer to six of them in one sitting. Good guy. Sharp mind.

Actually, in terms of pedigree, he actually came up way closer to the FSF “movement” side, on the east coast, working with Moglen and such. I was “movement” as a kid, but freelancing took me in more of an open source direction, and I got my start in law working for startups.

I vaguely recall looking into and GitHub UI a while back. There wasn’t exactly a repo to PR a new choice, and when they curate, they pretty reliably focus on open source as whatever OSI says it means, and keeping the field of license choices down to just a few. I don’t see any reason to think GitHub or Microsoft more generally would want to encourage noncommercial licensing.

Exactly. But it would be fun to have that discussion about including non-commercial options.

Adding a license. Basically… it’s the SPDX way, or the highway. Big Tech circumnambulating around the SPDX enchanted, ring of fire. All the usual suspects blowing smoke, throwing flowers and casting spells, leading us all in a merry dance.

Also… Moglen… what a grifter.

SPDX is a bottle neck. And we’ve had resistance getting licenses added there. But in general they’re trending less prescriptive. BlueOak-1.0.0 is a thing. So is Parity-7.0.0. Some but not all PolyForm licenses have IDs, including PolyForm-Noncommercial-1.0.0.

The GitHub criteria list also includes OSI or FSF approval.

I hadn’t looked at the dotCommunist Manifesto in a long time. God, was I cringing.