Bought a License

I bought a license for @kalt.steven’s git-cc today. It was a nice test for the site, and inevitably revealed a bug or two.

You can see my gravatar listed as a supported on the project page now:

Thanks for your financial and technical support! :slight_smile:

@kalt.steven, it looks like your Stripe account is still pending approval. Did you get past the initial sign-up to set your bank account and such?

Also, FYI, a bug I introduced while temporarily disabling commission on sales resulted in me covering the Stripe processing fee for the sale. I’m not going to do anything to correct it. But please know that you won’t get the full, even $5.00 for each sale going forward. As described on the site, strictEq will take the cost of Stripe processing, plus a percent.

looks like your Stripe account is still pending approval

I’ll debug that after work, but for what it’s worth, I can see the payment (thanks again!), a bank account, and no warnings on my stripe account.

a bug I introduced

All good, glad the live-fire test was helpful!

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