Brewing Idea: Supporting Members

One of the ideas I’ve been knocking around is giving developers more control over how much commission they pay on sales, and recognizing those who go above and beyond as supporting the platform. In particular, I’m thinking about adding icons next to project names that pay more than the minimum commission.

I went and signed up at today, and saw they have a similar program. If you sign up to do a monthly donation for servers and the lead developer, you get a wing next to your handle.

I think we’d want to do this per-project, rather than per-user. I could be convinced otherwise! But either way, the effect would be much the same.

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Do you think it will be necessary to ask for donations? I know that Geekdo, the company behind BoardGameGeek, does that, but it’s a very different business.

If you were running a non-profit, I’d suggest tying the commission rate to the projected operating costs of the platform. That’s what I was thinking of doing a few years ago, when I was considering creating a digital comics platform. The idea was to support independent creators, and to give people a better alternative to Comixology’s 50% commission.

Another alternative would be to ask for donations from those making purchases, similar to how Watsi asks for tips.

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