Code, Culture and Cash

Recently added this to my “open source antidote” reading list:

Key Point: This paper is from 2001.

The empirical portion does seem a bit weak. And the author frankly admits why. But I actually found the introduction and framing writing here worthwhile.

I need to look into it a bit more before jumping to any conspiratorial conclusions. But I was definitely a Slashdot kid back in the day, and I was not aware of the OSDN-VA Linux connection. I wonder how much that was front of mind for Paul Graham starting up Hacker News.

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While academics and researchers were no doubt driven by a desire to “scratch an itch” and perform work they found particularly stimulating, it is significant that they essentially performed labor for which there was very little immediate private-market demand.

This to me is kinda funny to me.

From the same time period, from some of the folks that you gave us desktop Linux: DriHistory

Opensource from commercial contracts in the US.

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