Company Affiliation for StrictEq

Moving this discussion into a separate thread, because I think it’s a good one that also shouldn’t overwhelm the other post :wink:

I think this is really powerful. This also allows different silos within companies to find each other!

And also — not just companies, but other types of organizations. The Vancouver FP Meetup, the South Bend Indiana JS Club, WordPress Users, etc etc

If discovery and social are useful things, as we’ve discussed elsewhere, then these sorts of tags / grouping (probably both) are useful.

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I am mildly disturbed by how much better you are at Discourse than I am. Don’t tell Jeff!

I’ve added it to my to-do list. It’s not a launch-day feature. And it’s worth taking some time to think through implications. But most the implications I see now, I like.

A minimum implementation might just give users a text box where they can list affiliations, and show that below their name and avatar on project pages. Maybe add a search box on project pages that filters people displayed by name and affiliations.

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I’d implement the minimal version as “tags”, so that bottom up groupings can form.