Cooperative Dual Licensing

Not sure how I should feel about this.

FS-A-2 (Black)

The right to commercialise IP is defined as an exclusive right of the enterprise if the IP was created by members while working at their FairShares Enterprise, and they remain members. However, if any of the IP creators leave and their membership ends, the exclusive right to commercialise IP becomes a non-exclusive right automatically. All members may use other members’ IP for private study and non-commercial purposes. On leaving, the legal entity to which the member belongs acquires joint copyright for any IP that it commissioned (paid for) the member to create under a contract for services, or contract of service. In this case, both the member leaving and the entity of which they were a member have an autonomous right to enforce the Creative Commons Licence that applied during the period of membership. In this way, neither a FairShares Company or individual member can affect each other’s right to use IP, nor can they offer IP they have jointly created using a different licence without risking the other party enforcing the pre-existing IP rights previously granted.

Members retain sole copyright holders for IP created outside a contract for services or contract of service.

…and so on and so on on, etc. etc.