First IndieCC Project

By dint of totally sneaking up on me while I’ve been trying to catch up with things after my injury (:wink:), Judson totally snuck up on me and became the first project for sale on


Very interesting to see! Congrats!

Does “supporter” mean you bought a license?

It’s nice to see a real friendly human there. I expected that to link to … somewhere.

I guess I can buy a license to support even if I don’t need one. Which sort of overlaps with OpenCollect :wink: I’ll email you about my case for that.


Stream of consciousness signup

Befuddled by Location and the reference to taxes. I couldn’t type in Vancouver or BC or Canada and get anything useful out of it.

Suggestion: ask for country or something similar? (I looked up the Wikipedia and eventually got there)

IndieCC will publish your location: where???

IndieCC will publish your email: again, where?

Handle: love it! Well described of where it will appear. Old school tilde. Maybe put this before location and email if that’s where those will be published? Putting this higher may add context for this other info.

The length hints seemed longed.

First time I’ve seen that “please respect” language. I like it. Might adopt similar for Fission usernames.

FTR I am bmann lots of places, but I also have boris lots of places.


Looked at my profile. Discourse and other tools have a setting which is basically “only show profiles to logged in users”. I’m fine giving that level of detail to others who have done the same. Not clear that I want all of it publicly scraped?


None of this as meant to be to change anything — given as feedback like a user research slice.

Congrats on launching! Do you want this to be widely shared now?

I did buy a license. Though mostly, so far, just for fun.

You’re right. Supporters’ pictures should link to accounts if they have them.

I’ve just improved the page text. The short answer is on your profile page.

I would like to get a few more projects offered for sale before pushing. I don’t want anyone standing alone … or standing alone with my support.

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Apologies, Kyle for ambushing you! I had a couple of hobby projects on LicenseZero setups, that I was eager to get onto a supported system so that I could stop worrying about it. I’m actually planning a new IndieCC entry soonish for the other project. In part, I’d understood the bind IndieCC is in with the SPDX, and wanted to help there, as well.

Anyhow, I’m really excited to the be the first project on, and eager not to have the only one there.



Unfortunately the big push I was building up for last month got derailed by my injury. I’m only now starting to catch up with the backlog.

At the same time, I’m looking to add a project of my own fairly soon.

Does indieCC works with other than github? Recent Autopilot fiasco is making devs irritated with github as it copies code from repositories regardless of which license it has.

IndieCC is code host agnostic. You could even self-host your repo if you like. You need only provide some online link to the source for your project.

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Added project number 2 :slight_smile: nyarly/confit which may be of more interest to more people.


Interesting! I’ve gone ahead and featured on the homepage.

I’ll have a look soon.

Does IndieCC license helpful for Mobile Apps ? I am developing simple personal finance app. So does it make sense to have to with IndieCC license ?

I haven’t looked into this directly! I suspect when selling through app stores that the store owner will want to handle payment and licensing. They may allow you to specify your own paid license terms. But I don’t think I’ve seen any apps available without payment under license terms of the developer’s choice.

Long story short, I suspect the app stores are pay-to-download, without support for payment elsewhere on the honor system. They’ve been very aggressive about making sure any payments for or through apps go through their payment systems and pay their processing fees.

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