Flossbank, revenue through advertising

I will be meeting with a https://flossbank.com/ representative in a few hours. If anyone has any questions let me know, and I’ll parrot them through.

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Ask them about Feross’ funding experiment with terminal ads on install. And policies of package managers like npm prohibiting advertisements.

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Had the meeting. Pretty excited about it.

Flossbank has two independent interfaces:

  • The CLI that wraps around npm and pip. Making it opt-in. One advert per installation invocation, shown for min 5 seconds, once installation invocation is completed, advert shrinks into compact form.

    • Feross’s approach was one advert per dep, that continued post-install, and was opt-out.
  1. The web system, akin to github sponsors, where you provide it a npm token and/or a github token, and it scans the deps that way in the cloud - where payment happens via donations rather than adverts.

They are launching in private at the end of the month, which is hopefully when I will be onboarded.

For payments, they are using https://interledger.org which is also used by https://webmonetization.org

Details on how they are calculating payouts here:

Which apparently is another community like this one. I shouted out this forum in the call too. Perhaps cool to have a presence over there.

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The fact that both of the wallet providers are cryptocurrency peddlers isn’t exactly confidence-inspiring. A prominent “no, this is not some cryptocurrency bullshit” disclaimer somewhere would do a lot to inspire confidence, I think.

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It is, unfortunately, cryptocurrency AFAIK.

I am uncomfortable with the interledger and web monetization stuff precisely because it’s all intertwined with cryptocurrency.


Have to admit I feel the same.

Paying people in dollars or euros or rupees isn’t hard. It’s routine. That’s not the problem.

I also dislike the optics of paying tech people in techno bucks. If the point is acknowledging the value of what they do, their pay should be in the coin of the realm.