Free in the Arts: Stages of Grief

Worth the candle.

Some colleagues serving the arts community largely confirm this account.


There’s a role here for a re-imagining and reboot of the “arts” too. My partner is an artist, and giving 40-50% to a physical gallery for her sales…when she is better at promotion and marketing … increasingly doesn’t make sense.

Whether publisher or platform, seeing these tasks as a group or collective with shared work and shared reward looks like it makes a lot more sense.

The part where everyone has to have a fair amount of entrepreneurial drive — framing things in terms of commercial transactions — is one of the parts that sucks.

And industrial era guilds — which should be about mutual aid and educating all their members — struggle to be relevant middle
men who mostly just want their organizational salaries paid.

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I’ve been asking around about new approaches and efforts in the arts, as a result of all this adaptive pressure. I haven’t heard too much about fine art specifically.

The most concrete examples are the various platforms the larger YouTube channels are banding together to create, like Nebula.