Howdy, Stephen!

Welcome, @slaporte! I think you get the award for best avatar so far.

What brought you to strictEQ? Any questions or comments?

The project is in early stages, but the core functionality is all there. I would love to hear about your projects and what you have in mind. I’m sure others would, too.

Suffice to say, we have some really, really good people here on the forum. They’re the critical mass, in terms of software, funding, and the hard problems of making it all work together. Anything in that genre is more than welcome here on the forum. So are very direct requests for feedback, advice, and second points of view.

strictEq is a byproduct of all that care, thought, and concern. It’s the best I know how to do right now, thanks to tons of feedback, and a little experience. So please don’t hold back or feel timid. Welcome!

Thanks for the warm welcome!

What brought you to strictEQ?

I stumbled across this site and registered to see where it’s going! I was revisiting ethical source licenses, remembered License Zero, and then saw your note about strictEQ. I don’t have any particular projects to put on strictEQ at the moment, but I’m always interested in understanding strategies to make indie software development financially sustainable. It’s cool to see this initiative developed openly.

Any questions or comments?

Out of curiosity, is strictEQ designed for licensing libraries or full applications? Both?

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It’s designed for both!

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