Icepick-like conditions on strictEq licenses

I’ve been poking some at @kemitchell’s excellent Icepick license - I adopted it for the project that I was working on when i wrote that blog post some people liked - but it lacks a no-commercial-use provision that I think would be nice to also have.

The strictEq Deal seems pretty good, but both licenses lack the Rights and Duties of Icepick, which I think are important to preserve from an ethical perspective.

Will strictEq have some mechanism for ethics conditions in licenses - maybe by having a predefined list that maintainers can pick from - or will people who want those have to go elsewhere?

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Thanks for the kind words!

Personally, I see the strictEq Standard Deal as responding first and foremost to a very urgent moral issue: equity and fairness among developers. But I don’t see strictEq standardizing or specializing on any other issue of the kind.

I’ll keep an eye out for opportunities to stay compatible with ways folks are addressing other concerns. But at least for now, the path strictEq exists to pave is the path to a level peer relationship among programmers.

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