Interesting community: COSS Community

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Lead me onto this:

I wonder whether venture capital is now a viable alternative to licensing, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing

This is Joseph Jacks who is fairly well known of looking at making Commercial OSS aka Open Core a thing.

Pinned tweet is from 2019

VC isn’t an alternative — it’s a potential source of capital in funding a business.

VC in general is a lot more educated about open source these days and there are definitely firms and individuals that specialize in open source based businesses.

COSS is built on Forem, which is the OSS forum software that came from DevTO.


Heather Meeker, who cofounded Polyform Project and Blue Oak Council with me and others, is also in OSS Capital.

JJ brings a lot of energy. We’ve had a couple good conversations.

They are definitely erring on the side of more aggressive PR. I’ve had a few execs of companies on their spreadsheet of open source companies tell me the numbers there aren’t close. They did a big “open core summit” in SF, before the pandemic, that irked me a few ways. But overall, I think they’re a good structural force.

If you’re looking to raise money for a VC-track open source company, I’d definitely talk to them.


I wonder how viable of a pitch is a commercial lisp :stuck_out_tongue: