Make money with open source software - Software Engineering Unlocked

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I’m so glad you posted this!

Some quick notes, to convince others to listed:

  • JavaScript library
  • came out of a work project
  • originally licensed MIT
  • started selling closed plugins
  • inspired by DeSandro!
  • after six months, quit job
  • relicensed the main project to GPL, started charging for commercial licenses
  • considered using DMCA takedowns to go after users not paying, but isn’t worth it for $10 licenses
  • no sponsors
  • support for paid license users and plugin users
  • people don’t get GPL, when they need to buy licenses

The only takeaway I got from this was the guy was making money from closed source code so it feels like clickbait. If I make money from distributing proprietary (copyrighted) software within (say) the Android system - I dunno, maybe say a camera module I’d feel like a fraud if I said I was making money from open source software. I don’t see how this is any different from (say) a lot of Google Apps which are distributed alongside what (AFAIK) is a GPLv2 Linux kernel which Android runs on top of?

Here’s a summary of the FullPAge.js model (2 minute animation):