.NET IdentityServer and non-commercial / dual licensing

See ASP.NET Core 6 and Authentication Servers Discussion · Issue #32494 · dotnet/aspnetcore · GitHub, on the new dual licensing / non commercial:

free for use in commercial settings if the entity or organization makes less than 1 million USD/year. The license requires a fee to be used in used in a commercial setting if the entity or organization makes more than 1M USD/year.

Came to my attention via Twitter thread:


Thanks! I’ve been trying to keep a list of dual licensing projects I run into at duallicensing.com, but it’s hard to keep up.

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This thread is exemplary of how folk struggle with the contradictions of the market. Dual licensing is an ‘anti-monopoly’ regime, the trouble is it’s a ‘fix that fails’. What happens is the OSS developers are offered a temporary shelter by the licensing and the monopolist survives. Rather than overturning the market-led ideology that inevitably leads to monopoly problems, it just makes the ideology more sustainable. The real poverty here is in the ideology behind these type of schemes, which does nothing about the clear and present dangers of full-blooded market capitalism, but simply offers smaller producers a vial of economic sustenance. Yuck?