New Venture: Fast Path License

I’m in the process of launching a new business venture under the Artless Devices umbrella: the Fast Path License. This isn’t quite ready for public debut, but I thought I’d share here, in case folks are interested.

In essence, Fast Path offers a wizard for generating highly configurable commercial software license terms. The business model is pay-per-close: if you make a sale using Fast Path terms, you owe Artless Devices a flat fee, paid via Stripe link. I have no crystal ball when it comes to pricing this, but plan to lead out at $10 per sale to individual customers and $100 per sale to organizations. I’ll be open to negotiating side deals, as well. Especially with sellers who provide good feedback, testimonials, or other marketing help.

Behind the scenes, this is a much improved proprietary “fork” of my own prior open work on Polyform Commercial, which borrowed a lot from the paid license form I published on A number of clients (and non-clients) have been able to use that work over time. But I’ve also been hearing more and more about new features. Drafting for this kind of wizard is challenging but very enjoyable for me. I’d like to have financial justification to spend more time making sure Fast Path always spits out the best language I have.

My primary need at this point is a logo. Need to get on that.

By the by, I do hope to get forum conversations going about Fast Path. But rather than welcome all those folks here, under a category or something, I’m going to point them to the new I’d like to build that up as a forum for legal technology and other legal shenanigans, beyond just my own ventures.


Fast Path offers a wizard for generating highly configurable commercial software license terms

I made a tool for doing that which I used to generate Lux’s license.
I always wanted to talk to you about it in case you were interested in collaboration, but I guess I procrastinated too much.

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