No, "Open Source" does not mean "Includes Free Support"


@lux, you’re really killing the links game here. I appreciate you sharing!

I apologize for not offering more original contributions but I haven’t fully collected my thoughts about what I want for a post-FOSS future, and I don’t want to discuss half-baked ideas.

Plus I’m too busy with my project and I can’t divert much time to doing more hands-on work in this area.

But I come across interesting content that is adjacent to our interests and I post it here in the hopes that it may be useful to somebody.

I’m glad that my humble sharing is appreciated!


I know I’ve said this elsewhere, but this is kinda the direction I want to go.

My time shouldn’t be free, but at the same time, I need to be able to enable other people to spend their time contributing. So I don’t like the extremeness of closing the issue tracker or PR’s.

It would be great if there was a bot that locks issues until someone who is paying for support or I comment on issues that are not paying. I haven’t checked though.

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It seems to me that freelance software engineers and amateur hobbyists working on open source need to appreciate their similarities rather than going to war over their differences.

What we have in common is creating better software for each other. The only reason why this becomes an issue is when Iaas/SaaS and other large scale operators weigh in and just pirate the code?

If we start closing off the marginal utility in devious ways, like charging for closed extensions or charging people who don’t share their own contributions I think we are missing the problem… which is very simple… If you offer your work under a FLOSS license you have no defense against large-scale freeriding.

FLOSS Git is perhaps the biggest channel where work is pirated by bad corporates. If we simply prohibit large corporates, I think the ‘ecosystem’ we all want will flourish. Without the interference of the biggest firms, I think we would all get along pretty fine?

Not everybody shares your marxist views, or your desire to be fleeced by a thousand small developers.
Some of us actually want to make a living with our work.

It could be an issue with this platform, but my reply was to @alphaglosined for the very reason that I thought we had an informal agreement not to talk to each other? My recollection is, for the sake of other users and the super @kemitchell - no one wants posts like this to get too sticky just because of a bun fight between a blue-blooded neoliberal and a red-blooded marxist?

In the future I will also try very hard to refrain from replying to other people in your posts since it seems to irritate you.

This is not intentional on my part, so I hope this will help.

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I think that you are correct mostly.

FLOSS guarantees that you cannot have a big enough stick to keep large companies in line wrt. contributing back.

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Knock yourselves out. Your time, not mine. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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