NPM Commercial Licensing

To implement my idea here

I’m thinking of the following steps:

  1. Release a new semver major for all my packages that change the license to AGPL; inside their readmes include instructions for step 2
  2. Provide a npm package that consumers can put into their postinstall script that will check if any of my packages have been used, and will check whether they have a license based on github sponsorship (and github org affiliation) or based on company affiliate via a stripe solution; if they have a license update the license information inside each package to MIT or the like

The licensing package will check any of the following for possible license match to make seamless:

  • git config details
  • npm config details
  • npm package name
  • git repo details
  • or simply an identifier token that can go in a user or workspace config file, cli flag, or env var that is issued via email upon payment

Payments expire monthly, only one dev needs to pay all orgs they associated to, for all packages they consume.

For pricing, I’n thinking $1/month for per user, or $10/month per repo, or $100/month for each org; which initially will be honour based.

Depending upon reception it could be scaled out to other producers.

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My personal experience suggests the tool is probably unnecessary.

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