Openness Movement (open source) Curriculum

I’m thrilled to announce the public v0.1 release of my “Openness Movement (open source) Curriculum”! :books:

I’m collecting everything I know about open source in one place. The culmination of 15 years spent working in openness as both a volunteer and a professional.

:point_right: Co-editors wanted! :point_left: I’d love nothing more than to work on this as an open source project with multiple equal stakeholders. You can share your thoughts here or on the project directly in the form of PRs or issues.

Help spread the word!

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Looks like a great start.

I’d like to see less delegations to external resources, and more assertions on what is to be learnt from them in the curator’s voice.

Would be good to have a criticisms section too, of the best counter arguments against openness and when not being open is suitable, so skeptics and variance can more easily understand and integrate where openness fits in contrast to their counter experiences.

Looking forward to tracking this.