Poll: Name for Successor to License Zero

Name for Successor to License Zero
  • “Toolwrights”
  • “Toolrights”
  • “Indie Code Catalog”
  • None of these have real potential. Start over again.

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I’ve done “polling” by e-mailling people on the side, too. Confusingly, I’ve got very strong positive reactions for each option.

Does it support polling for multiple options?

Not at the moment. Watcha thinking?

Since not everyone I’m talking to is going to come here and vote in the poll: “Indie Code Catalog” is pulling ahead.

I’m noticing that some but not all developer-types really like some of the associations with “Toolwrights”. But those who aren’t software developers, but might buy apps and tools on the site, generally don’t understand how either “tool” or “wright” connects. “Wright” is also turning out rare enough that even very fluent speakers of English as a second language don’t recognize it.

Some folks recommend I consider a shorter canonical domain name for “Indie Code Catalog”. I’ve gone ahead and snagged indiecc.com.

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That domain is amazing.

All the votes for this name and domain.

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Yeah, I like it, too. Or maybe I’m just really, really tired of this.

In any event, I’m going with it. It’s about time I stopped writing shell scripts to check domain availability and started hacking the platform again.

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I have github.com/indiecc and twitter.com/indiecc.

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