Post-Ethical Source

“our growing global inequities are exacerbated by the current systemic commitment to shareholder primacy”

Thought for the day… perhaps the ‘Ethical Source’ crowd would do better if they abandoned curating bundles of new restrictions on use in their license list and simply adapted a single ‘Ethical License’ based on something like this or this?

Throwing a legal anchor into the ‘stakeholder governance’ model would mean licenses are offered only to entities that satisfy the legal requirements contained in the Article of Association of the licensee, rather than showcasing licenses that are likely all incompatible with each other?

I, for one am not going to tell them, because I suspect alerting them to a kind of ‘Route One’ reform like this shows how reformist ideas (the idea that shareholder primacy can be unseated) is mostly about burying our heads in the sand whenever the troubling truth about how the world really works starts to show up?

…corporate leaders (directors and CEOs alike) have strong incentives to enhance shareholder value but little incentive to treat stakeholder interests as an independent end. Therefore, we argue, corporate leaders have significant incentives not to benefit stakeholders at the expense of shareholder value, and they should therefore not be expected to use the discretion awarded to them to do so.

The Illusory Promise of Stakeholder Governance

I have yet to find an ‘ethical’ solution that doesn’t involve dismantling large scale proprietary ownership and transferring resources and distribution rights to creators/producers/workers.