Progress Report: Multi-User Licensing

I’ve just deployed a big commit implementing paid licensing at tiers of 1, 5, 10, and 50 users. Every project will not set pricing for each of those tiers, which must increase, so 50 costs more than 10 costs more than 5 costs more than 1. The minimum price for a single-user license remains 1.

The test suite is passing. But as usual, I’ll be taking a second review pass at this. At a minimum, I want to make sure the UI is clear for both individuals and companies buying licenses.

This is getting close to ready to “launch”.


Woot woot on progress

How is “user” defined? Is it a developer using the project, or a developer on the app that the project is used in, or an employee of the company?

Any plans or counter-reasoning for free for 1 user?

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Anybody using the software. Could be a person using an app. Could be a developer using a library.