Question about L0

Hi, a project that I use was set up with L0.

I’m curious, does the stripe billing still work (and will continue to indefinitely), even though L0 is sunset? FWIW, as a licensor, the sunset notification on the top of the pages is kind of alarming/offputting.

Secondly, how do you feel about releasing a tweaked version of the L0 site/license that could keep being used by people who like the license terms? The only significant tweak to the licenses that I have in mind would be changing the “Agent” line to make it specifiable by the licensor instead of hard-coded to License Zero as it is now.


I do eventually plan to shut L0 down, when I stop seeing licenses sold. At the moment, it’s a trickle, but not a trickle I want to shut off completely on anyone’s behalf.

All the documents for L0 remain available. Many of them—Parity, Prosperity—were “spun out” as their own, free standing projects. Others, like the paid license, have continued to evolve for Indie Code Catalog, and evolved quite a bit for L0 over the years, anyway.

Feel free to open new topics here on this forum about using and adapting L0 terms away from I for one am always happy to see folks making plays and finding approaches that work for them, whether they happen to be a fit for the particular services I offer or not.

Can also have integration of similar service like LibrePay ? So people can sponsor projects based on Parity License.

Folks are more than welcome to add LibrePay or other sponsorship links to their websites. I’m happy to link Parity-licensed projects on

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