Regular "Office Hours"?

I’m seriously considering scheduling a monthly or twice-monthly time slot when I’ll open an online group call and take questions from folks who dial in. The idea would be something like a legal clinic, but I’d be open to broader discussions, too.

Choosing one time that works for everyone around time zones just isn’t possible. Perhaps I’d alternate between times that are late and early for me locally.

Might folks here be interested in participating or publicizing that kind of thing?

The direct inspiration here is Mike Perham of Sidekiq fame. I actually got some times from him when I visited Portland just before COVID. But somehow the idea fell out of mind when lit seemed like everyone was on Zoom all the time.


I’ve set my first office-hours session for Friday, February 3, 2023 at 6:00 PM UTC. Information page here:

If there’s interest in this and I enjoy it, I’m also thinking about times better suited to folks in Europe and Oceania. Perhaps:

  • 0900 California = 1800 Berlin
  • 1400 California = 1100 New Zealand (next day)

Hopefully, I’ll have some good questions in store to pester you with. :yum:

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I’m sorry for missing the office hours. :confused:

I pulled an all-nighter and I’ve been a zombie all day long.

I hope it was fun and productive for everybody.

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Uploaded recording. Unlisted for now.