Remotion Free for Small Companies License

Remotion let’s you create motion graphics — videos — using React.

It has a novel Free / Company License that looks hand rolled. Free for personal individual usage, non-profits, AND for for-profit companies with up to 3 employees.

No selling derivatives.

Buy a company license gets you 48 hours support response time.

Pricing “call us”

GitHub license link:


Interesting. It’s not noncommercial/commercial, but segments solely to charge larger businesses. However, even large nonprofits are exempt, and the breakpoint for “large” is pretty small and simplistic: three employees. Free trials are built in.

I’m going to send the maintainer an e-mail.

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Wish I had this for History.js and DocPad back in 2010 and 2011 respectively. Life could have been very different.

The approach to payment is also a good idea, as it is effectively non-exclusionary based on what can be afforded based on value provided.