Rename Code Credit to Posterity?

I originally drafted a license called “Posterity”, with a credit requirement, for a friend. He’s set programming aside for other projects now, and is okay with reusing the name for a license with slightly different requirements.

Should I rebrand the new Code Credit license “Posterity” and bring it under the L0 umbrella? Do you think that would hurt or help adoption?

I prefer the name Code Credit License because it’s more obviously descriptive of the practical implications of the license. If someone sees that name in a README file, they’ll already have a basic idea of what it’s about. It also seems more memorable, especially without the possibility of being confused with Parity and Prosperity.

The all ‘p’ naming scheme is fun, but it has some downside. I’ve seen people knee-jerk dismiss Parity, assuming that it was similar to Prosperity, when the licenses have quite different effects.

I’m not sure that the current L0 brand messaging would attract adopters. I could only imagine using the license for something that would never be expected to make much money. An obscure library for games or procedural art, for example.