Some developers are fouling up open-source software


This looks like clickbait.

But today I learned ZDnet still exists.

Ending para:

Even with all these recent changes, open-source is still better and safer than the black-box proprietary software alternatives. But, we must check and verify code instead of blindly trusting it. It’s the only smart thing to do going forward.


It appears to be drafting off a similar Wired article:

I don’t really understand the point of articles. It’s somehow an admonishment to OSS maintainers to do better? Or to be careful and not anger corporate users that don’t pay or support them?

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So people will click on them!

Right. I’m trying to see the “angle”. Why would Wired write and edit it like this?

The “fragile” open source ecosystem?

But perhaps this is just a sign of going mainstream because of the White House discussions.


Mandatory disclaimer: I do not endorse any of the opinions in this article. It just stood out to me because I’ve been seeing opinions more supportive of our perspective recently and this one went radically in the opposite direction so I thought it was interesting.

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Of course! It’s perfectly fine (and encouraged! Thank you for link sharing) to share links / articles.

I was coming here to share the Wired one when I saw your post :wink:

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