SPDX identifiers for indiecc licenses?

An obstacle I encountered using License Zero with a number of distribution systems was that the licenses weren’t well recognized. In one particular, the lack of an SPDX identifier was a hassle. For Rust’s crates.io, it’s a little extra hassle, because rather than simply identifying the license, you have to include the license file verbatim.

Go’s pkg.go.dev, though, has a strict list of acceptable licenses. When I tried to get Parity added, there was some pushback and then crickets. (It’s now possible to use BlueOak 1.0…: [https://pkg.go.dev/license-policy](https://Go’s license policy))

Is there an effort underway to get the IndieCC Standard Deal or Free License identified with the SPDX? That would go a long way to streamlining the process at distros.

Parity 6 and 7 have SPDX IDs. Folks could ask about Prosperity if they like.

The IndieCC free license could use one, once it feels “stable”. But we’d need to show some projects using first. If that sounds like chicken and egg, I agree. And have mentioned to Jilayne and the SPDX team a few times.