Tasty Testing from Xenial

@m.grundner, care to tell us about https://tasty.xenial.io/? Looks like yeoman’s work!


I did a lot of work in the last years on TypeScript/JavaScript and become a fan of jest.

There is nothing in the .NET ecosystem that even gets close to jest, so i decided its time for a better way to write tests in C#/dotnet.

I’m not sure what you are referring to with yeoman, its no templating system :sweat_smile:

Thanks for reaching out to me!

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Yeoman is a great English word!

yeoman’s/yeoman work/service
: very good, hard, and valuable work that someone does especially to support a cause, to help a team, etc.
They’ve done yeoman’s work in raising money for the organization.


Ah didnt know that phrase, thanks!

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@m.grundner: I should make sure to say that I’d be very happy to help you promote Tasty, however you think is best.

Since you managed to create the first project on stricteq.com, I went ahead and featured it. Which has made it clear that I need styles for featuring things!

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Awesome! Thanks!

Should I consider using licensezero until stricteq.com is production ready?

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I am pushing to get stricteq ready for initial public launch as soon as possible. The vast majority of initial functionality is there. Most of what I have left on my “minimum viable” list is basic CRUD operations.

I’d be interested in all of your feedback about how to make it work well for you. Would you like to upload a logo for your project? Customize the project page CSS?

I think a logo (or better a uri to an image) would be a good thing to have.

I don’t care a lot about CSS but a markdown file would be nice to introduce the project and pitch it.

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I just implemented a description text box. Markdown wouldn’t be too hard, though there are some security points to think about.

Definitely thinking about logo.

@m.grundner if you log in and head to https://stricteq.com/~mgrundner/tasty, you should see form inputs for a tagline and a longer “pitch”. The pitch is Markdown, but the renderer will sanitize of all raw HTML and the like.