Teachers Pay Teachers Drama

Wow. This hits hard on so many levels.

To tempt you into the full read:

  • Teachers Pay Teachers is a site where people buy and sell lesson plans, classroom activities, classroom decor, and other teacher materials.
  • At a technology conference last summer, I heard a presenter loudly talking in the vendor expo center. I listened as he laughed and called TPT sellers the “whores of education”. In a session later that day, I learned about a website where teachers can upload their work for free for others to use.

  • Can you think of a single other profession in which those in it are not given what they need to complete their job, are expected to make their own materials, and are then expected to just give those materials away to others?

My mother, father, and godmother all trained and worked as teachers. My mother and godmother made decades-long careers of it. I was always a “teacher’s kid” growing up with my mom. My head is spinning.


You and @boris should do a podcast, so we can skip reading all these interesting things and get your juicy commentary on it all while we do the chores, as well as keep updated on the latest happenings in the software licensing world.


We only do 3 hour fireside chats so far.

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Equivalent. Link?

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I’ve done a few podcasts here and there. My home Internet is way too terrible for video, but I can usually call in without trouble.

Here and there, I’ve also been tempted to read and record my own blog posts, audiobook style. Mostly for accessibility. But I guess people could just prefer to get it that way.