Trygve: how to champion for your employer to donate to open source?

Anyone here have pointers to resources on this? I think there are methods, like @erlend_sh’s fair share clause:

Any company that pays its employees a salary of $100’000 or more a year is asked to pay the Fair Share Fee.

There’s a lot of different ways to determine this fee. So far the simplest way I can think of would be to pay up to 5% of a company’s entire budget for salaries. If your company pays $500’000 in salaries per year, your annual fair share fee would be $25’000.

But it’s not exactly a handbook on how to pitch this to management.

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I think the answer here is mostly: don’t. Unless your company is tiny and run by other open-loving software people.

Instead, structure the transaction as an exchange where the company pays for something it wants and gets it. Then get the deal approved like any other.

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