Tweetstorm Blog App - Building an app from scratch through Open Collective

Heya everyone. I thought this group would be interested in this.

I just announced that I’m going to build a Tweetstorm Blog App (app ideas on the Fission forum), and wrote up how I see this working in a discussion thread on Github.

Specifically, I am likely to use a non-commercial license like Prosperity or IndieCC as well as run it as a Cross License Collaborative, run mainly through the Open Collective.

There’s a nuance in here where I think that selling licenses through Open Collective is going to be most effective – and means I don’t need a stripe account or entity. Not sure if I can still use IndieCC for issuing the commercial licenses and then somehow paying out of band?

In an ideal scenario, I’d find at least one front end developer, we’d get additional people on as paid early backers / larger sponsors, and we ship a first version. There would be some ongoing revenue over time – 250? 500? per month? – so that contributors could maintain and evolve. We’d run feature specific raises / sponsorship to add more stuff.

Contributors over time – not just pure development, but design, documentation, translation, community, marketing, etc. – would share in revenue. This is a bit handwave-y on how the split would be, some sort of way to allocate funds.

The default will be that it doesn’t really work, but I get a Tweetstorm app that I can use, and I’m out the same amount as if I just paid someone to build it :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d love any feedback or thoughts this group has on this as an idea.

This is the third app / code that I am personally funding in a similar Open Collective connected way. I’m also doing a core plugin for TiddlyWiki which has a developer attached already, and am maintaining Moa as a public utility, where I haven’t made a call for developers / paid tasks yet.


Very interesting! Drop me a line anytime.

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